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Each exclusive Academy territory is a full county.

Welcome to The Academy
Academy of Private Investigation and Loss Prevention, universally known simply as "The Academy" to all, is an extraordinarily professional association of investigation and loss prevention-centered instructional institutions that are now franchised and available across the USA. We appreciate your interest in The Academy, and we welcome you to our franchise website. There is much information to review on our website. We encourage you to preview our entire website before contacting us about the possibility of franchise ownership as a Regional Developer or as a Franchisee. You may also be interested in our other franchised instructional institutions, Academy of Second Language Learning and Academy of English Language Learning - All schools are available for franchising in major metropolitan areas across the USA, providing professional-level instruction to many of the same students, which makes these schools a superior tandem franchise team.

We look forward to hearing from you. We strongly encourage detailed and lengthy communication by telephone where questions and answers are best related. Our franchising process is detailed later in our website. Completion and submission of our Questionnaire will permit the optimum level of discourse throughout the process, so we encourage you to complete it and submit it at your earliest convenience.

Once again, welcome to The Academy!

About The Academy
Academy of Private Investigation and Loss Prevention is headquartered in the Phoenix, Arizona area. It is universally known simply as "The Academy." The Academy is owned by Academy Franchise Partnership, Inc., an Arizona corporation. Its sister instructional institutions are Academy of Second Language Learning and Academy of English Language Learning.

The Academy [Academy of Private Investigation and Loss Prevention] has developed and written the methods and practices, courses, seminars, and textbooks for a professional private postsecondary instructional institution that is now a franchise. All of our materials (both operational and instructional) are proprietary to The Academy.

Courses and seminars are written for Private Investigators, Loss Prevention Professionals, Security Agents, Law Enforcement Officers and Agents, Investigators, Human Resources Professionals, Business Owners, Business Executives, Supervisors, Staff, and Management Trainees. Additionally, several seminars related to child protection are written especially for parents, grandparents, and educators. This offers each Academy unit a very wide range of Students and Seminar Attendees.

The business model of The Academy situates Academy units in major metropolitan areas across the USA in order to maximize each Academy unit's income.

Beginning on January 31, 2021, The Academy began to offer exclusive Franchise territories in select states. [See "Franchising Locations"]

Click on "What We Offer Our Franchisees" to see the many benefits of becoming a Franchisee here at The Academy.

The Academy has determined that it will forgo the development and operation of "company" Academy units in favor of devoting all of its resources, time, and talent to its Franchisees. We believe that this is an important distinction that operates to each Franchisee's great benefit.

Franchise territories are awarded on a county-by-county basis in select states. Each exclusive territory is a full county, thus recognizing the trend in franchising toward multiple unit ownership and operation. We fully believe in allowing each Franchisee to follow their entrepreneurial spirit. These territories are exclusive in nature. Each territory, regardless of geographical location, has an assigned $50,000.00 franchisee fee.

A Franchisee may open as many Academy units as desired in a franchised territory at no additional franchise fee. The Franchisee is thus free to open as many Academy units within the territory as can be supported by that territory. Most counties cover very large geographical areas within which several Academy units can be supported and are definitely warranted.

The Franchisee must be able to qualify for the corresponding state's private post secondary instructional institution license, where applicable. The Candidate should refer to the apropos state's licensing authority to determine if licensure is required, and, if so, which courses and seminars may be affected. Often only a few courses and no seminars are affected (or fall under the licensing authority), as most offerings at The Academy are considered to be continuing education in nature (versus instruction that will lead directly to employment).

The Academy seeks a limited number of Franchisees nationwide for its offered territories, as multiple territory ownership is encouraged. We will consider granting more territories in counties that are not currently listed if proposed by the Candidate, Regional Developer, or Franchisee. Our decision to grant more territories is largely based upon Academy unit viability within the proposed territory.

The Academy has a network of nine (9) Regional Developers in addition to its Franchisees. Regional Developers help in the Franchisee selection process, train Instructors, and aid Franchisees to initiate their business and develop their territories. Regional Developers are also Franchisees, which ensures that their shared expertise and guidance is germane and perfectly relevant to The Academy.

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